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Whipped by nun

  • Watch strict nun punish completely nude ladies by whipping their sexy asses. Now it’s brunette’s turn to take the punishment! She screams like crazy and it’s clear why. Just look at the bloody scar on her ass. The whipping is hard!


Guest160 Guest160 2 years ago she was way to skinny but a great whipped

Guest160 Guest160 2 years ago Fantastic !! Now do the same to her tits - Make her watch the cane coming to hit her !! Beat her nipples - disgusting its absolutely brilliant ! If you have never been in BDSM then you simply wouldnt know ! The endorphins are so amazing - what a high !!!

Guest160 Guest160 3 years ago this kills libido, I dont get how people can get excited about seeing blood, digusting

Guest160 Guest160 3 years ago They whip her from 1 side only. Primary target is right thy. Each time they change camera angles you may be seeing the same lash from a different camera angle. The results of the whipping could be a latex equivalent of what a lash might look like or computer generated using a program similar to Photoshop. Remember many if not all of these girls have willingly signed a contract a contract for what they are going to go through, the more severe the whipping appears the more money they make. I have read of some of the girls making up to $1000.00 US equivalent per day depending on apparent severity. Look up masochistic women and read what they seek.

Guest160 Guest160 3 years ago errr i enjoy bdsm. but it is disgusting how some assholes find pleasure in the sheer torture of women. sick

Guest160 Guest160 3 years ago Now lets see one of the nuns get whipped, one at at time, until their bum's bleed like this girl.

Guest160 Guest160 3 months ago Catholicism is a Cult and attracts evil vicious bitches with neither heart nor Soul.
The Vatican Nazi regime should be burned complete with Inhabitants

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