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Tied up and immobile

  • # Amateur bondage
  • Her man goes crazy about rope bondage. And he shoots her helpless and immobile lying still in the middle of a king size bed. Ropes are her restraints and his pleasure!


Guest160 Guest160 3 years ago bella legatura, impossibile muoversi, anch'io consiglio dildo nel culo ...

Guest160 Guest160 7 years ago Bondage neck to to thigh not tight enough but a good idea. like the idea of an anal dildo also ankles should be tied to hands and neck.

Guest160 Guest160 7 years ago I would like to find my self "trapped" in that body and tied up like that. The Dildo would be a nice addition too.

Guest160 Guest160 7 years ago That is how I would like to wake up "trapped" in a woman's body and tied up tight the dildo would be nice

Guest160 Guest160 7 years ago Bondage around neck to thigh is interesting but not really tight enough

Guest160 Guest160 8 years ago needs an anal dildo inserted and attached the the rope running from feet to hands! would make her struggling much more entertaining

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